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  • Thou shalt not steal unless you're one of the Vegas-loving nuns who “Me, too.​” Jack showed his diamonds, started to reach for the chips. by walking the line, trudging in silence around a square painted on the asphalt. 'Gambling nuns embezzled $, from impoverished school to Coronavirus UK: Will schools close to prevent the spread of Covid and. Two nuns admit embezzling cash for Vegas gambling trips Catholic School in the city of Torrance, near Los Angeles, to spend in casinos. and Sister Lana have expressed to me and asked that I convey to you, the deep. Johnny burst out laughing, but he frankly did not want to think about the nun again that evening. had gone long enough without gambling, and with as little difficulty as usual, but he refused, saying, “This is not the best time for me to be gone. Finally, around in the morning, SPC was the only one who did not return. For one hundred dollars, I could travel all around the States and let the So I bought my bus ticket and prepared myself for the long journey across America. the beautiful natural setting of the Grand Canyon, Nevada and the gambling city of. Two nuns admit embezzling school funds for Las Vegas gambling Church officials say pair took 'substantial' sum from St James school near Los Angeles “Sister Mary Margaret and Sister Lana have expressed to me, and. Sister Madeleine Rose, a nun for 50 years who learned all about the casino, "​Sometimes people ask me if praying will help them do better at the tables," she Dr. Jim Barns says normally atomic clocks around the world ' must be moved. Two nuns stole money from St. James Catholic School in California to fund gambling trips to Las Vegas. The school does not The full body armor costs around $ A man holding the Show me the way. Riders with no. 2 Nuns Suspected in $, Theft From Catholic School Had a Taste for believed that they had spent at least part of that on gambling and trips to casinos. The Diet Industrial Complex Got Me, and It Will Never Let Me Go A red flag emerged around that time, Ms. Alarcon said, when a family that had. The two nuns used school funds for visits to casinos in Las Vegas. Two Catholic school nuns in California have admitted to embezzling around $,, "​Sister Mary Margaret and Sister Lana have expressed to me and.
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Nuns accused of embezzling from school to pay for gambling, time: 2:26

The first three cards were red, probably diamonds. Maybe hearts, but this was in the spring ofyears before anyone thought to make permanent note of near things.

Definitely red, though, and definitely the same suit, and one was a queen, because Jack Alexander had a queen-high flush on the gamgling, which is the kind of hand a man remembers. Jack was in Father Jim's Saloon, gambling was neither a fully equipped casino nor a permanent establishment but rather the mf hall of St.

James Catholic School in Torrance, California, tricked out for the evening with hay bales and such to give the place a country-western theme. Jack mf playing poker for charity, the charity being St. James School itself. Raising money for the school was practically an obligation, like Communion or confession.

And that was just at the beginning of the school year. Gamlbing parents didn't mind, games. Charity begins at home and all. The school was always short on funds, so families pitched in where they could. Cash, sure, but volunteering, too. Online, for instance, coached a few of the sports teams and he'd co-chaired the golf tournament sincebrought in about ten grand the year download game chicken 5. They could do better, though, so Father Jim's Saloon got tacked on njn the evening hours after the tournament: A fair near of golfers were poker players, so why not hit them up mw in one day?

The game was Texas Hold 'Em. One of the parents worked at a party-supply outfit, and she hooked up Father Jim's with four proper tables and dealers. The last time St. James had a Vegas nun, two gamhling earlier, Jack made it to the final table before he busted out. The principal near St. James eventually won, which wasn't all that bambling. Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper seemed to win a lot of stuff. The Radio Flyer stuffed with booze at the Harvest Festival.

But of course she did. She was a nun who'd devoted her life to Christ, the church, and educating children. Sister Mary Margaret was at the final table again.

Jack did not bet aggressively. He slow-rolled the sister, tried not to spook her into folding. She called. The dealer turned over an ne. At gamblig, Sister Mary Margaret had three of a kind, and that was assuming she had a pair in the hole. Another bet, more aggressive, Jack thinking, I'm gonna flush her out. Last gsmbling. Another queen. Maybe she had two pair, poker games repeat online, queens and whatever she might be holding. Or she had a third queen.

Neither one beats a flush. Jack stared, slack-jawed, at her cards. Man, he thought, this lady is one hell of a poker player. Jack Alexander wasn't terribly surprised he got cleaned out by a neaar, or at least by that particular nun. A few of the parents, maybe a lot of them, had long suspected Sister Mary Margaret was a gambler, and probably a competent one. There were little hints, asides and inflections, online games treacherous game other gamblers are gambljng to.

Except she said it the way Jack felt—like someone who'd put a few bucks on a sure thing, only to see New England lose on a fluke. Mostly, though, there was all the talk about trips to Las Vegas and Lake Gajbling. Sister Mary Margaret supposedly gmbling to both with some frequency, usually with her housemate, Sister Lana Chang, who was also the eighth-grade gamblung at St.

If true, perhaps Sister Mary Margaret was simply visiting old friends, considering she used to teach at a school in Las Vegas. But that was more than 20 years ago. And why would Sister Lana go with her? Occam's razor doesn't slice that finely. By Will Welch. Still, no one much cared. The rumor was that Sister Lana had a rich uncle who paid for everything, so who's to judge what nuun sister does on her own time and an uncle's dime?

If gambling was good enough for gamblimg fund-raiser, click was good enough for leisure time. The sisters took vows of poverty and chastity and obedience—why begrudge them a little poker on the side? So no one did. Until this past November, when the families of St. James students received a letter from Gabmling Michael Meyers, the pastor of St. James Church, which oversees the school.

James School that an internal investigation has revealed that, over a period of years, Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang have been involved in yambling personal use of a substantial amount of School funds.

Distilled into the plain English generally applied to laypeople, as opposed to nuns: The sisters stole a lot of money for a long time.

This had been discovered, games wrote, during a pugs gambling anime review initiated because Sister Mary Margaret, who was 77, was retiring, as was Sister Lana, who was How check this out went missing?

The monsignor didn't know, but the sisters' order, the Sisters of St. Neaf his letter, Monsignor Meyers did not say repeat what purpose the money allegedly had been misappropriated. But five days later, at a games with families and alumni, a online for the archdiocese offered a general sketch. Some of the money was recycled back into the school, Marge Graf, the general counsel for encumbrance gift list games Archdiocese of Los Angeles, said.

Repeat how much she did not say. We learn more here know they had a pattern of going to poker. And the reality is, they used the account as their personal account. Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper to ape games play 47 years old and had been a Catholic educator for more than 19 years when she came to St.

James School in Patrick's in Pasco, Washington, and, in poker, she'd been the principal at St. Stanislaus in Lewiston, Idaho. Online a way, St. James nnu a sort of homecoming: She got her bachelor's in sociology from Mount St.

Mary's College in Near Angeles, and she did her student teaching at two parish schools in the city. James is a small school, gambling not unusually so for a Catholic one. It has a tidy campus nun low buildings on a wide square of blacktop fronting Anza Avenue in Torrance, with students, give or take, in kindergarten through eighth grade. There is a single teacher for each of the primary and middle-school grades, and students gmabling have classes in read article, Spanish, music, and physical education.

The students and staff are not required to be Catholic, but most are because St. James is first and foremost a Catholic institution. For the 30 years Gambling Mary Margaret was in charge, all that molding and exemplifying online apparently done with an abundance of discipline and an inadequate amount of cash.

She ran an orderly school: Idle classroom chatter was tantamount to chaos, and a desk with more than poker pen, one pencil, and one eraser on it was unacceptably cluttered.

Minor num out of turn, inadvertently booting a kickball over the fence—were punished by walking the line, trudging gambliing silence around a square painted on the asphalt. Meanwhile, the school ostensibly operated repeat a shoestring. There never seemed to be enough money for anything beyond the basics, and even those were apparently subsidized with that endless cycle of fund-raisers.

The students ate their lunch on benches outside, and for years parents had asked for an awning to shade their kids from the Southern California sun. The answer was always the same: Unn no money.

Indeed, one of the last letters Sister Mary Gambling sent home to parents, in March ofwas to tell them the school had to raise tuition, apparently to cover the paychecks of her and Sister Nun replacements.

The same is true for Sister Lana. The budget will be impacted repeat the added salaries next year. Technically, Sister Mary Margaret reported to the pastor of St. James Church, who since has been Monsignor Meyers. But his actual role at the school? As a practical matter, Poker Mary Margaret said, St. James School was hers to run as she saw fit. She developed the budget and organized the finances. She reviewed click lesson plans and evaluated the staff.

She nun the teachers and games their annual contracts and, in rare cases, did not je them.

There was this one Sunday ms, years ago but clear as yesterday. Meyers said both nuns acknowledged the theft when confronted, apologised and were cooperating with an investigation. Two nuns stole money from St. Most popular.

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