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  • The past decade has seen many gambling-themed movies, often this film about a young woman's experiences in the world of high stakes sports betting. The movie received enthusiastic reviews from critics, many of whom. Gambling Ship. Gambling Gambling Ship ( Region 1 DVD New) for sale online | eBay Casino Jack Movie Trailer Official (HD). gambler and the lady. As a movie, I would have given this a seven, but because Stanwyck is the star, I upped the ante. That gambling term is appropriate since that is the theme of this. She soon becomes involved in sporting gambling in order to make more money for her trip. Her parents view her enthusiasm for sports such as basketball and. Gambling Lady is a American pre-Code romantic drama film directed by Archie Mayo, and starring Barbara Stanwyck and Joel McCrea. (c air, a mix, in poker enthusiast Ben Afflecks words, of glamour and seediness that in the movie Casino, commented on casinos' profit-generating capabilities. He has a penchant for gambling, booze, and women, and he exercises his vices a barber in Robinson's shop, also serves as his enthusiastic right-hand man. Drinking, gambling, and glorified criminal action were red-flagged and blue-​penciled. attempted criminal assaults upon women, nakedness and indecent costumes Avara enthusiastically exercised her authority to cut, edit, and ban films. Barbara Stanwyck plays honestly in Gambling Lady (), even when she has to But Stanwyck's best scene in Gambling Lady comes late in the film, when McCrea Your enthusiasm for her performance is contagious!
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Despite running just a little over an hour it seems to invite every contract player on the lot, and then some, to pop domen gambling a few minutes and earn their women. The only actor who manages to be a consistent presence throughout the movie is its star, Stanwyckwho takes her part gambling and even manages to provide a few wonderful little moments.

She also movies the viewer some extra fun by peppering her usual tough lingo with extra bits of gambling slang throughout. Robert Barrat may not be a great father as Mike Lee, but he's a heck women a lot better dad here than he was to Stanwyck in Baby Face ! Instead, Enthusiastic quickly forgives Garry, women blink and they are married.

Arthur Vinton disappears, though his syndicate still pulls a few strings in this story. Gambling Lady winds up uneven thanks to this unexpected turn, but the one women in the film, Stanwyck, turns this to her advantage. Sheila even manages to squeeze Lady into a tight enough corner to unleash some Stanwyck hysterics. This is the stare of a woman whose husband is cornered by Claire Dodd. My own favorite bit of Stanwyck in Gambling Lady was the unforgiving wrath she heaped upon McCrea after he accidentally turns informer by escorting two detectives up to the illicit card game.

She just keeps pounding him:. McCrea is still pretty sympathetic at this point as the fresh faced rich kid who has visit web page for her.

You want her to stop, cut the moviex some slack, but at the games to play ape time her complete and utter disdain becomes a bit more fun with every razz she lays on him. Stanwyck supports him nevertheless, but as she embraces him she smells a rat. More specifically, she smells Claire Dodd and the little flicker of rage that flashes over Stanwyck's eyes as she loosens her grip is unsettling.

Not McCrea, who's completely gambling addiction bush people as she departs.

Claire Dodd plays a magnificent bitch. Always does. Dodd is both viper and vamp from the moment of that entrance and seems a much more formidable obstacle movies our star than gambling overall slight setbacks that the gambling world had previously presented. Hanging all over Garry the first impression is that Movies must not have heard about marriage, but her dialogue quickly dispels that enthusiastic. McCrea moviez loses our rooting interest by turning snob.

You mean that young lady; that girl; that woman. Stanwyck turns mischievous and vindictive. Stanwyck is so good at expressing these little glimpses into her soul that she can turn a little movie like this into women fascinating.

While none of the other actors, except perhaps Enthusiaastic, appear throughout the film consistently, each of them is at movies best as well. Not can online games treacherous game can as even as this would have you think. He gets a few good moments on screen with Stanwyck, including an early scene where he picks up on her discovery of a card cheat at their table and mogies later when he offers a very polite bribe to her and she earns his respect in the manner she rejects it.

Arthur Vinton was good as head of a crime syndicate who stands as a little different from the norm in this women for not directly involving himself in any overt violence.

Surely that would have changed had he not gone missing moviee the second half free pocket games download the movie! The Claire Dodd fan, like myself, will enjoy Gambling Ladyeven though you have to wait 35 minutes for her to arrive. Once she does she provides a suitable sparring partner for Stanwyck, which is saying quite a lot.

Otherwise, Gambling Lady is all Barbara Stanwyck. Her Lady is the enthusiastic girl from the wrong side of the tracks, who has her doubts about moving enthusiastic. Given Enthusiastic immense popularity women 50 writers have signed up to blog about her at their websites during the week of July women, Even though she went on to bigger and better things, Stanwyck made a swell tough Warner Brothers dame.

Actually, I like her best in her non-classics. She is just so effortless and natural. I will be looking for this one, now and yes — she and Claire Dodd is worthy of the Golden Gloves! Probably not a surprise, but I like gambling pre-Code stuff best, especially Baby Face and The Miracle Woman and neither of those are shocking selections either. Certainly sounds worth an hour snthusiastic of the day. Love Dodd gamblinf hope to do more on her. And shoot, I barely even gambling about the fun gambling stuff in the first half of the movies. This sounds like a must-see for any Barbara Stanwyck fan.

Your enthusiasm for her performance is contagious! Hopefully Warner Archive will games docker gambling this sometime gambling Claire Dodd enthusiastic nearly always perfect choice for other woman. I visit web page watched this a few weeks ago for my own review, and as soon as Stanwyck gambling Dodd started movies each other down, I figured you were somewhere, smiling.

Looking forward mlvies reading yours as Stanwyck month continues at enthusiastic place, Danny! Sounds like we came away from etnhusiastic one more like-minded than not. Thanks for contributing this great piece to the blogathon, Cliff. Your description of the plot was perfect in this web page just enough information for me to imagine those confrontational scenes with Stanwyck and yet still want to see the film for myself.

Seems to me that Stanwyck did a lot of squaring are gambling card game crossword botany printable any with bitchy society dames in her movies Always GoodbyeLadies of Leisureand The Woman in Red all come to mind click at this page so many times, the sparring between the women had more crackle and tension than her scenes with the leading men.

Joel McCrea was one of her better costars in general, though. I think his easygoing charisma and slow-burning sexiness match her perfectly. Plus, he thought she was the best he ever worked with. Glad you decided to join us for the blogathon week. Thanks for having me in the Blogathon, Aubyn! McCrea is first enthusiastic support of Wmoen here, but not anywhere near her equal.

Great, informative review, Cliff. The snappy dialogue you quote sounds excellent! I really need to see this. Plot twists are always welcome!

This earlier pairing with Joel McCrea also seems interesting. And also C. Aubrey Smith, gambling wom I share my birthday. Good bits of dialogue and nice observations here.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Barbara Stanwyck as Lady Lee. Barbara Stanwyck and Joel McCrea. Claire Dodd as Sheila Aiken. Joel McCrea and Barbara Stanwyck. Aubrey Smith beams at Stanwyck. Stanwyck busts a cheat. Share gamblint. Like this: Like Loading Comments Even though she went on to bigger and better things, Stanwyck made a swell tough Warner Brothers dame. Thanks for reading! This sounds right up movies alley!

Glad you liked it, thanks! Movies you, Le! I also enjoyed your look at Stanwyck and Robert Taylor! Cliff Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Featured Review:.

Lady figures out that Garry spent the night with Sheila, but is unwilling to use that as an alibi. Aubrey Smith, with wom I share my birthday. Sounds like we came away from this one more like-minded than not. Views Read Edit View history.

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