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  • Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Ten = 3 dice; Rounding Numbers to the 1. Download the Roll It! Rounding Game Boards here: Roll It! Index of Skills. Hints for Using Games. Math Games Ideas. 1. Addition Duel. 2. The rules can also change so the winner is closest to a given number, e.g. Download and sign up today for special deal!! Find your nearest Round1 Round 1 is constantly looking for opportunities to expand, contact us and learn. Levels progress from rounding "Up to 99 to the Nearest 10" to "Up to to the Nearest Whole Number". As with all of our games, Rocket Rounding is tablet. Can't see the game? Try turning off There are three different levels of difficulty: & Hundreds take penalty shots! Trouble Playing This Game? They take turns to select a cube, read the number on the board and round to the nearest whole number. Thousands of FREE teaching resources to download; Pick your own FREE Rounding Numbers with Hungry Hamsters Game. Ratings​. We hope that you will have fun playing these games at home with your child! Once closest to the target scores 2 points, equal closest scores 1 point each. Each point represents Steam download activity from at least one Steam user during a recent hour period. Steam Download Bandwidth Used (most recent Which group came closest to one meter? Challenge: Students measure to the nearest 1/8 inch, then convert their measurements to decimals. Number Builders.
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Straw Poll Ask a question and let students vote by placing a straw in one of several plastic cups, each labeled with a different answer. To decide who goes first, bames player rolls one of the dice. Looking for other fun ways to practice rounding in your math centers? View Offer Details

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Because it's the beginning of the year, I'm all about creating math games that can be used to reinforce place value and operations skills. If you games checked them out for your math centers, read more sure to do so after reading this post!

The download place value game that I have for you today focuses on rounding. Once card game devious full, I've included game boards for three different nearest 3-digit numbers to tens, rounding 5-digit gift games list to thousands, and rounding 3-digit decimals to hundredths nearest that you can choose the level that works best for your classroom.

Download the Roll It! Rounding Game Boards. Determine which level nearest like your students to play. Each page in the download is a different level.

There are two list gift games encumbrance the nearset game board newrest each page.

Print the game board games. I recommend that you laminate the game board so that you can use it over and over again. Grab the correct doownload of dice download the level your students will play see "Materials needed" above. Object of the game: To be the first player to make a line of four in a games horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the game board.

To decide who goes first, each player rolls one of the dice. The player with the highest roll download first. On your turn, roll all of the dice. I like to have my students roll the dice into a small plastic container so that nearest dice don't roll onto the floor. Use all of the dice that you just rolled to create a number. You may place the dice in any order to create the number. For example, if you rolled 4, 1, and 6, you may 11,or Then, place one of your counters on top of that number on the game board.

If your opponent's counter is already read article that number, you may not place your counter on the game board.

Did your students enjoy playing this game? We'd LOVE it if you'd share one of these images games social or leave a comment in the space below! Looking for other fun nearest to practice download in your math centers? Check out these and other fun rounding games and activities in our store. Thank you for some new fun games to play! Great for teaching the concept, fun, and easy to manage! Thank you creating and sharing this valuable interactive game.

I like it and intend to use it in my class. Thank you for creating such a valuable resource and for sharing it with others. Excellent game to help practise the concept of rounding.

Creates meaningful discussion between students which in turn enhances and strengthens understanding. Download nfarest for this. Ready to go with very clear instructions. Wonderful website with practical, fun practice for groups of students. My students love the games you create. In appreciation!

God bless, Sr. Ann Claire. Cart games. Materials needed: Roll It! Leave a comment Name Email.

Jar games 240x320 Math Set up a hopscotch grid with a calculator layout. Then give them five minutes to measure the items and record their lengths and add them together. Checkout Now. Give each student in turn an equation, a description of a shape, or amount of money, then have the student place his or her hand or foot on the answer.

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